About Us

Here at WD Electronics, locally owned and designed in the heart of the Utah Rocky Mountains, we pride ourselves on bringing the best quality and most rugged LED lighting at a price that won't break the bank.

After some testing, we found that the cheap light bars found on Amazon or eBay didn't truly pull the wattage they stated.  In fact, nearly 75% of them weren't even within 50% of their stated wattage.  We knew we wanted something better that actually put out the light we needed for our night rides in our local rugged mountains. We set out to build a light bar that would be brighter, more durable, and was better looking. 

Between an Engineering degree and enough blood, sweat, and tears (really, many tears), we did it. Our light bars actually put out the light we say they do, and are as durable as we say they are.  We have many unique features like our patented lens technology that magnifies and directs more light forward giving you the best visibility possible, an equalizing port to prevent moisture build up inside, and a plug and play design to make install a breeze! We carry mounting options too, which we all know is half the battle of getting a great look to your rig whether it be your UTV/ATV or Truck.

Highest quality, and brightest LED Lighting for off-road enthusiasts. Nobody beats our quality or price!