Q & A

Will this turn signal kit work with my instrument cluster/Dash Turn Signal Indicators/Arrows?

The short answer is maybe.  We include both wiring harnesses in our kit, 1st  for the integration with the instrument cluster, and the 2nd for stand-alone Blue LEDs.  We include both because some machines are not compatible with the turn signal indicators.    It's not by model, but down to the specific machine.  Some machines work with them and some don’t.

 Technical response:  If your specific machines stator produces over 12.5 volts, the instrument cluster LEDs will not work for the turn signals.  (This is why it may work when the machine is just in park, the engine is not running, or only one of the turn signals will function) You can use a variable voltage regulator on the power wire going into the cluster to step it down and make them work, but we do not officially support this. This will also change the reading on the voltage that your instrument cluster shows.


How do the front Sequential Strips (Front Turn Signals) attach?

Super easy.  Ours is two LED strips encased in a silicone tube.  The silicone tube has a groove down one side of it down the length of the strip.  That groove allows for the strip to be pinched in between the headlight and the front plastics.  Just back out the 3 bolts holding the headlight in about ¼” and insert our strip in between the headlight and front plastic, and then tighten those bolts again so it pinches it in between.


One of my Sequential Strips is not working correctly.  What do I do?

We just need a picture of the LED Strips serial number found on a little white tag on the black wires coming out of the Sequential LED Strip.  Shoot this picture to us and we will get you a new strip!


What is your Returns Policy?

We will happily accept any returns for new items that have been unused, uninstalled, and still in the original packaging with no signs of use.  We charge a 25% restock fee for any items that are returned that don't meet the above criteria.  Simply ship your item(s) back to us and write your order number on the outside of the packaging

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