WD Electronics - Billet Aluminum Premium LED Light Bars

This is not your Amazon/eBay light bar. If your looking for a disposable piece of equipment, head over there. Our light bars feature top quality, and incredible performance at a very reasonable price point. This is the industry's first light bar to combine this type of performance (think Rigid Industries) and offer it at this price point (half the price of Rigid). Built from a single piece of 6063 extruded aluminum and featuring genuine CREE LED chips (Yes, this is a brand of LED chip manufacturer; They dont make light bars, contrary to what you find on amazon) and a standard spot/flood combo that projects every bit of light out in front. Bars come standard with side fixed cast aluminum mounts. The standard finish is a satin black with silver bezel bolts. Limited Lifetime Warranty! 

Product features are as follows:

  • 9-36 volt input (12V and 24V most common)
  • 6063 Premium Extruded Aluminum Housing
  • IP68 rated
  • True Pressure Equalizing port for preventing condensation build up inside the unit (this is the real deal, not a gimmick that cheap bars "say" they have)
  • Mounting feet included
  • includes pig tail wires for your own wiring.  Complete Wiring Harness Sold Seperately

Most orders will ship the next business day either FedEx or UPS!

See Table below for Wattage and Lumens depending on bar size.

  Single Row (5W LED's) Double Row (3W LED's)
4" 20 Watts / 2328 Lumens 24 Watts / 2794 Lumens
6" 30 Watts / 3492 Lumens 36 Watts / 4190 Lumens
10" 50 Watts / 5820 Lumens 60 Watts / 6984 Lumens
20" 100 Watts / 11640 Lumens 120 Watts / 13968 Lumens
30" 150 Watts / 17460 Lumens 180 Watts / 20952 Lumens
40" 200 Watts / 23280 Lumens 240 Watts / 27936 Lumens
50" 250 Watts / 29100 Lumens 300 Watts / 34920 Lumens


Collections: LED Accessories

Type: LED Light Bar

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